Pro-copyexptrade is authorised and regulated by multiple Regulators across the globe. Trade with peace of mind knowing that Pro-copyexptrade is monitored by some of the strictest financial regulators’ bodies in the world.

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Pro-copyexptrade Ltd (Pro-copyexptrade)

Pro-copyexptrade is authorised and regulated by the U.S Securities And Exchange Commission (“SEC”) with Registration No. 4342345462.

Pro-copyexptrade AUSTRALIA (Pro-copyexptrade)

Pro-copyexptrade is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”) with AFSL number 416259.


Pro-copyexptrade Digital Pty Ltd is licensed by ASIC as a Corporate Authorised Representative (AFS Representative Number 001285278) of Pro-copyexptrade Australia Pty Ltd (AFSL 416279) and is registered as a Digital Currency Exchange with AUSTRAC with Registration No. 100284469.


Pro-copyexptrade Asset Management GmbH is authorised and regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”) with license number HRB 73417.


Pro-copyexptrade Atlantic Corporation is authorised and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) with license number 1811356.


Pro-copyexptrade Global Financial Services LLC of the UAE is regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority of the UAE, as a Category 1 Trading Broker for Over-the-Counter Derivatives Contracts and Foreign Exchange Spot Markets, under ESCA license number 20200000088.

Pro-copyexptrade FX INTERNATIONAL

Pro-copyexptrade FX International Corporation is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands (“FSC”) with license number SIBA/L/14/1098.

Pro-copyexptrade AUSTRIA

Pro-copyexptrade Asset Management GmbH-Austria branch is authorised and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (“FMA”) with license number 491179z.

Pro-copyexptrade GLOBAL MARKETS PTE. LTD

Pro-copyexptrade Global Markets PTE. LTD. is authorised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) with license number CMS101144.


Ikon Financial Services Corporation Ltd is regulated by the Tianjin Financial Government (“TFG”) under the registration number 120000400164019.

Pro-copyexptrade PACIFIC

Pro-copyexptrade Pacific (V) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (“VFSC”) with license number 700497.


Financial Services Authority

FSA is the financial services regulator in Seychelles responsible for ensuring that financial markets in Seychelles are fair and transparent, supported by confident and informed investors and consumers. The Seychelles Financial Services Authority is the autonomous regulatory body responsible for the non-bank financial services in the Seychelles. Established under the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013.

IC Market Global complies with the FSA regulatory requirements and has in place internal risk management controls to ensure that it is sufficiently capitalized to support its operations.

External audits supplement Pro-copyexptrade Global operational and accounting process and ensure full regulatory compliance.

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Segregation of Client Funds

When funding your trading account your funds are held in client segregated accounts with top tier banking institutions. Pro-copyexptrade Global complies with the Securities Act and the Securities (Conduct of Business) Regulations and employs strict policies and procedures regarding the maintenance and operation of these accounts.

Anti-Money Laundering

In accordance with the FSA Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financial Act, Pro-copyexptrade Global has in place policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the law. These policies and procedures are designed to prevent money laundering activities from occurring. Pro-copyexptrade Global Anti-Money Laundering policy outlines the documents that you must provide us before opening an account.


Raw Trading Ltd, Pro-copyexptrade Global, is authorised by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority as a Security Dealer for the provision of financial services under License NO SD018.

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